Training Weeks 1-4 (A quick recap)

Because this training plan is abnormally long, these first three to six weeks seem a bit more insignificant than most will be. Part of my plan was to just get started and the best way for me to do that is to have a sketched out idea of what I should be doing. I don’t put a ton of pressure on myself to do it exactly as planned.

Week 1 seems like such a non-week, but I’ll share it anyway to show that you don’t have to go in with crazy gusto, especially when you plan so far out.

I planned for 10 miles, I ended up with 6. I learned that Sundays are still a little bit hard to get motivated to get running. I’m proud of myself for making it to two strength workouts in that first week.

Week 2 was more motivated and during Thanksgiving! I was feeling good.

The purple highlighted days signify that I was away from home, we were up at Whistler with family. After missing mileage on Saturday, I convinced my husband to stop in Vancouver so I could get a run on the seawall and so that my son could go to the aquarium. I think this was a brilliant plan and I’d probably do it again if we go up to Whistler a second time this season.

unflattering photo, check! It was POURING. Upon returning to the parking lot, a car drove past me and totally drenched me.

Week 3 is still even more motivated, I was actually trying to have a perfect week:

One important workout of note is from Tuesday of this week. I list out strength programming that I started. It’s the weightlifting program called the Wendler 5/3/1.I learned how to do this program during CrossFit, and because I had put my strength training on the way-back backburner I knew that I needed some serious structure to test where I am now and to work towards getting measurable results for this training cycle. My plan is to do Wendler for deadlifts (1st priority), squats (2nd priority) and shoulder presses (3rd priority). I may consider bench pressing later on. As I write this I’m in week 5 of marathon training and I’ve found that my 1 rep max that I’m using for my backsquat and my deadlift are a little light. I’ll make it through to the deload week and may test out my actual 1 rep max now that I’ve started doing these movements regularly again.

The other thing of note in week three was how fast I ran my long run on Saturday. I didn’t intend on running an average of 7:45s but it felt good. I started off in the low to mid 8 min miles and picked it up on the second half of the run. I’m happy I took an unscheduled rest day the next day and though I do plan to work through tired muscles later in the season.

Finally week 4. 

Not too much to say here. I got work in. I knew I was “racing” Deception Pass, but decided that I’d try to have a normal type of training week instead of taking it too easy on myself leading up to the race. 32 miles in a week is a good amount for me. I’ll do a race-recap for my next post. The short story is that it was beautiful and hard, and I did better than last year.

I’m enjoying prioritizing the strength training each week, though I know I need to get better at planning it out in advance. Wendler is easy to follow, so that piece is always done first, I then try to keep a variety of other exercises. I’m inspired by a couple of athletes who post some of their strength training on instagram, Julia Webb, Alysia Montaño, Kate Grace among some regular mortals as well. As I work through this training cycle I want to stay accountable for getting the miles I need in, figure out nutrition a little better and get stronger. So far the miles and the strength are moving, I need to start scheduling massages at least once a month and work on my nutrition. 4 weeks down, 18 more to go!