Week 5- AKA the lazy one

Running well requires consistency and focus. These are arguably the hardest parts of training for a marathon for most people, including me.

There’s also a fine line between being lazy and needing rest. You get to know this as you get to know your mind and your body better through the years. So that’s why I can say with some confidence, that week 5 of my marathon training for Boston fell into the lazy trap.

I scheduled a rest day on Monday following my race. Normally I go to Bootcamp to get a good start to the week, even though it always feels too early to be doing anything other than sleeping at 6am on a Monday. However, the momentum of waking up and getting the work done makes it easier for me to keep it going at least until Wednesday. Week 5, started off with sleeping in.

Tuesday I was able to get up early, run 1 mile on the treadmill (my typical warm-up) stretched a bit and then did this workout:

I slowly made my way through this workout and felt good enough to run my 2 mile cool down miles. I thought that this would get me on track for the week but then holiday parties hit me hard.

Wednesday I was too tired from a movie night to wake up before 5am to get to WuW, I told myself I’d go running during the day, but wasn’t able to make it happen. Thursday I was got up but after a mile and my back squat routine ( 3-3-3+ of 80% (77) 85%(80) 90% (85) 7 reps at 85lbs)  I gave up the rest of my workout to just go home and relax.

After a company holiday party Thursday night, I knew there’d be no way I’d wake up for FLUR.  Then a CrossFit gym holiday party Friday night made me feel like Rise and Shine was just not going to happen Saturday morning. At a runner friend’s party on Saturday night I chatted with one of my running partners and she let me know that she needed to get some Sunday miles in. Phew! This was also a good opportunity for me to go for some #RunChatHunt scavenger finds, so I was very thankful for her pre-planned route and her company.

A #runchathunt item, a flag of any type. We thought this one was unique and funny.

I ran 2.5 miles to her, we ran a little over 8.5 miles together, and I asked her to drop me off at my gym so I could get some of my strength work in to make the best use of my Sunday morning where I was off of parent duty.

I ran one more mile on the treadmill when I was done so that I could get to 12 for the day and push myself to run a sub 8 min mile after all that work. I was pleasantly surprised with this day’s work, though I guess after all that rest, a solid workday should feel good!

While my plan had called for 26 miles total, and I missed out of 10 of those miles, I guess I can’t call this entire week a wash now that I’ve written it all out this way. I was good about getting my strength in all week, even if it wasn’t exactly as I would have liked it. Holiday activities can really throw a wrench into training, but it’s also important to live a regular life, so I don’t regret staying out late and seeing friends. Marathon training is a long process, and each day is a small step towards hitting the next goal. Since I didn’t get too wrapped up in the “shame” of missing workouts, I’m able to move into the next week successfully and knowing what small battles I need to win to get the mileage I want to see.