Week 6- The last “easy” week

Almost done with week 7, so I’ve got to get this post out there! Ack- I forgot how hard it is to stay on top of posting regularly to a blog! Also pictures. Apologies if you follow me on Instagram- you’ll likely see all the same photos because a) I’m usually talking too much during a run to remember to take any while we run and b) it’s too hard to take good pictures while running. I’m super impressed with all the Instagrammers who get good shots of themselves running- I have a pop-socket and everything- this shouldn’t be that hard. Anyway, I digress- onto the recap. (Week 6 was December 18-24)


Oh man- I was really appreciating this kick in the butt workout each Monday, this was my last one before I start heading to the track at 5:30s on Monday. The way boot camp works at Rain City Fit is you show up, they tell you what to do at 4 different stations, and 4 different exercises per station. You pick a station with some partners and then you work for a minute at an exercise. Switch at the timer and go through it twice. Sometimes at the 30 second mark you have to switch arms or legs or whatever, so a timer goes off every 30 seconds. You’ve got to make your movements count! After each round, before moving on to the next station, there’s a short break to grab a sip of water. I enjoy that there’s no counting reps, just getting the work in and moving on.

Tuesday-Strength Adobe Spark (2).jpg

This was a deloading week off of a one rep max that I guessed was appropriate. I had a feeling that all my 1 rep maxes were a little light- so I challenged myself in week 7 of training (see that post soon!). I ran a warm-up mile and 2 cool down miles at 8 min pace.

Wednesday- Wake-Up-Wednesday

Just kidding- I slept in and got zero miles. It was not going to happen. Happily, week 6 was my last week of going easy on myself. As I’ve mentioned, I wanted to give myself some relaxed training before heading into the uber-focused, nose to the grindstone type of workouts and weeks leading up to Boston. I gave myself this last out.

Thursday- Strength

Adobe Spark (3)

I love a good strength workout. Yeah, this only took eight and a half minutes, but it got my heart rate up and I feel like I’m doing some solid work. I warmed up 1 mile, and cooled down 2 at 8min pace.


I made it to what looks like will be my last FLUR of the season. I had forgotten that I scheduled boot camp in place of FLUR for each week so that I could fit in the track workouts on Monday. I had a delightful 6 miles chatting with Desiree, we moved along at a comfortable 8:12 pace. For some reason I was dreading this run, even on the drive over, but once I got started I felt great and miles smoothly passed by. This is the magic of group running.

Saturday Rise & Shine, plus a little extra for RunChatHunt

This was such an enjoyable run. Loka had set up a snowball run to get us all to the huge tree downtown for a photo by 8:15. I think my group hit the timing perfectly. Overall this morning plan went off without a hitch, 12 miles at 8 min pace. Only the hill up Freemont felt hard, and that’s a mile of running up a steep grade, so like I said when I finished it, when that hill starts to feel easy, I know I’ll be in great shape.


That evening, I convinced John and Grant to drive and run with me around a community called Olympic Manor so I could get my final RunChatHunt scavenger hunt finds. It was the only place I could find a nativity scene in Seattle!! Not even churches I run past have them! I mean, I know I shouldn’t be shocked by this, it is Seattle. We ended up doing 3 miles at 11:30 pace, John pushed the running stroller while I hunted and stopped to take a bunch of pictures.

BB8 inflateable runchat2017.jpg


The reason I made my family go for that run with me on Saturday evening was that I had looked into the forecast and saw that it was supposed to snow 3 inches in Seattle on Sunday. Well, the forecast did not lie! I wanted to get my Sunday workout in, so instead of driving to the gym, I threw on my trail running shoes (that have a really great grip!) and ran the .8 to my gym.

Adobe Spark (4).jpg

I completed a pretty relaxed workout, (though those chin-ups felt brutal) and ran home the .8 miles.

My total week 6 mileage was 28.6. A solid week of pretty easy going training. Week 7 marks 16 weeks until Boston and the time to start getting serious. Tempos, track workouts, and marathon pace miles are all ahead. I’ll continue to keep my variety in my strength workouts and make some lifting goals to go along with my running ones. Here’s to the last week of 2017!