Week 9- The Trouble with Travel Weeks

Oh Week 9 of training, I knew you would be a challenging one. I mark out anytime I know I’ll be traveling with purple highlights on my plan. I put in hopeful miles and try to do what I can before I leave for whatever adventure I’m planning. This time it was a cross-country trip to NYC to party with my college teammates and celebrate our coach, Matt Centrowitz. I may write a whole post about the team and the specific experience, but for now, here’s what training looked like for Jan 8-14.

Monday- The Track Workout that Didn’t Happen

So this was a disappointing one for me. I was so excited and nervous to head to my first track workout of this training cycle. I woke up on time, but didn’t have much sleep in me through weird nightmares of the workout that lay ahead. I don’t know what made me so anxious about this workout, but I was ready to face it when I realized I needed to write a blog post for work and get it to my boss so that he would have time to review before we sent it over to CreativeLive to be published. So I spent the morning annoyed that I didn’t do the work over the weekend, and also annoyed that I worried about a workout that I couldn’t complete. I ended up doing a Nike Training Club workout that evening to get just a little bit of work in. I use this app when I’m in a bind, and I’m so thankful that it exists!

Tuesday- Random Run

This was a busy day. It started off with some skiing for my kiddo (proud mom note: he’s back on the chairlift!) My father-in-law dropped me off in time to make a dentist appointment and took over watching Grant. I decided to wear my running clothing to the appointment and headed out for a run on the Burke once it was through. It was SO COLD and windy, I started off fast just to warm-up and then had a hard time slowing down. That resulted in averaging 7:26/mile for 8 miles. Woops. I do not condone running every run fast, and this was a dumb thing to do, especially since the turn-around time to my tempo the next morning meant I wouldn’t have much rest. I thought I’d be running slower on Wednesday… however…

Wednesday- WuW Tempo

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 9.47.32 PM.png

The first 1.5 was a warm-up and then we headed on the same flat,fast course I had run on Tuesday for some of the middle miles. I was running the same darn pace for this 6-mile tempo. That 4th mile was mostly downhill, but that 7th mile, ugh. Up through Ravenna in the dark and I was struggling to the max. I’m so thankful that Kathy dropped back to run with me, it was very tough going up the hill to end out that tempo portion before heading into the cool down. Everyone else was good and finished out at 9 miles. I cut out a portion of the cool-down and finished at the Starbucks because I was DONE. I was disappointed but not surprised, basically running back to back tempo runs is not smart training.

Thursday-Treadmill Mistake

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Another facepalm moment here. So after a long day of travel (we had taken the red-eye and arrived at JFK at 6am) and emotional bullshit dealing with my parents, I knew I needed a run. I hopped on the hotel gym treadmill which didn’t have a reading of what mph meant for mins/mile. I figured setting it to 7.9 might not be bad, probably around 8 min mile pace. Come to find out that I was running 7:36s for 3 miles. I wondered why the third mile was feeling tougher than normal and when I got back to my room to tell my husband he knew the math right away. Sigh. Three days of fast running. I just deem this the fast week without the long run.

Friday-Mini-Fancy Hotel Workout


After a wonderful time visiting one of my best friends from middle school we made it back into the city. I wanted to give myself a rest day, so I ran 1 mile on the treadmill and used some of the machines in our fancy New York Hotel. I did 3x 10 one armed rows (each arm). 2x 10 plank rows (on my knees for most of them)  and a bunch of hamstring curls with a ball. It was an unstructured strength day, and I was a-okay with that.

Saturday- The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had on a Treadmill

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I’ve been wanting to try out a treadmill gym since I found out about them. I love the concept as a person who enjoy group fitness classes and doesn’t terribly mind the treadmill. Mile High Club did not disappoint. While I was sad that my teammate Leah couldn’t make it due to flight delays, I was psyched that my other teammate Catie was able to join me for it. I liked the structure even though it took me a little bit to understand exactly what was going on. Once I realized the order of the intervals I was all in and found myself sprinting at a sub 7 pace. The atmosphere was amazing, the music, the lighting. It was so much fun. I want to open one in Seattle. I just need a business partner and a lot of money.

Sunday- Just Like Old Times


After the party on Saturday night, I knew I wanted to do a run on Sunday. A small group of us met in my hotel lobby and headed out for Central Park. It was almost exactly like our college Sunday runs, gathering together, gossiping about the night before, and catching up on anything we missed. Catie and I did the full 6 miles, she and I ran the same event in college (the 800) so we had always trained closely together.  It was almost like no time had passed the way we were able to go on about everything and enjoy the miles together. I wish we lived closer so that we could relive these Sunday runs more often. While it was very cold (hovering around 17-20 degrees!) and I was incredibly thankful for being able to go home to Seattle and our wonderful 40-degree weather, I wouldn’t give up running through Central Park for anything. I’m hopeful that I get into the NYC Marathon via the lottery for 2018, the city has so much magic.

While the week did not include a long run, all the fast stuff pretty much made up for that. I think it was kind of stupid training, too much speed done all in one week, with minimal rest. I know better, and also know to give myself some credit for getting so much done while traveling. Balancing and consistency will get me to the finish line. And I know this because my Coach taught me it long ago. I’m so incredibly lucky that I had such a positive college running experience and that I’m still friends with my teammates. I wouldn’t have missed Coach’s event for the world, and despite having a weird training week, it was still good work put in that built some confidence in what my body can do under stress.


Week 8- New Year, New Me? Naw…

Kicking off a new year and continuing into my 8th week of training felt both refreshing and deliberate. I’ve never been big on resolutions, I’m a goal-oriented person, and since my goal for Boston has been set for over 2 months, nothing really feels like it’s changed. I pretty much forget to wish people a happy new year because I’m so set in my routine! For now, consistency is reigning supreme.



A solo run seemed like the right way to start off the year. Running brought me a lot of joy in 2017, especially as the world seemed to turn upside down, and while the majority of my runs are with friends, it felt good to explore the new arboretum path on my own. I went for an easy 4 miles with the added challenge of making it up the Madison St hill from the arboretum. I almost made it all the way up without stopping!


Adobe Spark (7).jpgThis workout ended up thrashing my hamstrings, which isn’t a bad thing normally, but I had a tempo scheduled for the next day. You may see where this is going.


Wake up Wednesday, came around, and I was still hurting. No one else was doing the tempo, soo… I skipped it. Ack. Yes. Went off the plan. I knew I wanted to get the mileage in at least so I ran 3 miles early with Morgan and Eddie, then ran 6 with a new running buddy and Steve. We were leading the pack in 8:15s. I know I need to run faster on this mid-week run, but my sore legs were happy with this effort.


Adobe Spark (8)

This was a pretty short and sweet workout. Presses are hard but I’m happy that I’m working on them.

I love my bootcamp Fridays! It’s such a fun time to get in some strength work and try new movements. This particular Friday the coach had us do a Chipper, we could do any of the exercises in any order, just had to get all the reps done. Afterwards, she had us do an 8min ab routine that nearly broke my abs apart. It was awesome.

Decided between 12 and 14, Kathy was going 14 so many of us decided to do the same. Great group to run with, we got a little lost but it didn’t matter at all, we were having fun getting these tough up-hill miles in.

I did two little recovery runs. One with my old SRC group as part of our bRUNch, in celebration of all the “goat” (aka Capricorn) birthdays and a 1 miler from the gym after a this little workout.

Adobe Spark (9).jpg

So there’s not too much “new me”to start off the year. Just consistent me. Doing my thing, getting the work in, hoping that I can stay ontop of it for the rest of the season!

Week 7- Staying on Target

Another week that flew by (Dec 25-Dec 31). It was relatively uneventful even though it was a holiday week. I’m so thankful that my in-laws live a mile from my house, making it very easy to stay in Seattle and celebrate with them.

Monday- Christmas break! 

While Monday marked the 16 weeks until Boston mark, it was also Christmas day. It’s sometimes hard for me to leave my 3-year-old when I want or need to go run, so Christmas was all about him and spending time together as a family. Runs come and go, and I might not be able to have running forever, but family is everything.

Tuesday- Strength work

Week 7 Tuesday Strength workout

I was feeling like all my 1 rep max numbers were way off, I guess I was being pretty conservative with my perceived strength. So I decided to take Week 7 to find my true one rep maxes. I started with the deadlift on Tuesday.

Wednesday- WuW

My first real workout of this training cycle provided by the Seattle Greenlake Running Group Marathon Training folks.  I am so beyond thankful for Kathy and Bruce, who run this group. I appreciate them for all the effort they put in to help keep the marathon group ontop of our training. I only use their tempo workouts (and soon their track workouts!) and have written the rest of my plan myself, but these tempos are important. This particular workout went really well. It was a progressive run, we started off with a mile and half of warm-up, then cut-down to slightly faster than marathon pace. It felt so slow to start but later Stoneway kicked my butt. I was happy I was able to stick to a fast last mile for this progression. I didn’t feel confident enough to run 6×7:26, so this was a happy medium for this day.

Thursday- Strength

Strength Day 1 RM for Back Squat
back squat 1 rep max plus other work

After a tempo, this was tough to wake up for, but I knew I wanted to find my back squat 1 Rep Max. I did some glute and arm work and called it goo.  Sometimes these 1RMax attempts take longer than I anticipate. I’m happy I have a new number to work off of for my back squat, I love accuracy.

Friday- Bootcamp

So good! got some great core and shoulder work in today. I may be on repeat on this, but I’m just loving this bootcamp, I get a good workout that I don’t have to think about programming myself, it’s not too hard, but also not too easy. It’s not competitive at all and everyone in the class is super nice. I also found out that the teacher of the Friday class is from the same hometown of one of my college teammates. Such a small world.

Saturday- Last 26.2 of 2017

Running Selfie
blurry pic while on the run, had just put in the headphones and was enjoying some down hill fun

It was somewhat of a last minute decision to join in on this fun. Because it was a free race put on by my group, and it was replacing the regular long run for the week, I thought it wouldn’t do any harm to jump in if I could find a partner to run the second half of the race for me. People were splitting up the distance in all fun different ways, but I just needed 12 miles for the week, and was willing to add 2 extra miles to make up for where the course would leave me. I had a blast doing this. I started off easy, but then there were all these wonderful downhills to zoom down. I ended up leading the race for a bit, then a couple of guys came through and took the lead, I chased them down some more and we stayed in a pack of about 4. It was fun. I passed off the slap bracelet to my partner so that he could continue the race for us, we ended up placing 4th. I was so happy that John and Grant came to pick me up and take me out to eat near my finish afterwards, I ended up running an average of 7:43 pace for 14 miles, so I was a little beat.

Sunday- Rest

A beautiful rest day after my “race”. I thought this would be good before taking on the Ragnar Relays 31 days of working out challenge that they’re holding. While I will have “rest days” each week during my training, I’m going to be making an effort to do some exercise everyday to qualify for this challenge. A winner gets a free relay entry, so that’s motivating, even though I’m not totally sure I’m ready to captain another relay team again!