Week 8- New Year, New Me? Naw…

Kicking off a new year and continuing into my 8th week of training felt both refreshing and deliberate. I’ve never been big on resolutions, I’m a goal-oriented person, and since my goal for Boston has been set for over 2 months, nothing really feels like it’s changed. I pretty much forget to wish people a happy new year because I’m so set in my routine! For now, consistency is reigning supreme.



A solo run seemed like the right way to start off the year. Running brought me a lot of joy in 2017, especially as the world seemed to turn upside down, and while the majority of my runs are with friends, it felt good to explore the new arboretum path on my own. I went for an easy 4 miles with the added challenge of making it up the Madison St hill from the arboretum. I almost made it all the way up without stopping!


Adobe Spark (7).jpgThis workout ended up thrashing my hamstrings, which isn’t a bad thing normally, but I had a tempo scheduled for the next day. You may see where this is going.


Wake up Wednesday, came around, and I was still hurting. No one else was doing the tempo, soo… I skipped it. Ack. Yes. Went off the plan. I knew I wanted to get the mileage in at least so I ran 3 miles early with Morgan and Eddie, then ran 6 with a new running buddy and Steve. We were leading the pack in 8:15s. I know I need to run faster on this mid-week run, but my sore legs were happy with this effort.


Adobe Spark (8)

This was a pretty short and sweet workout. Presses are hard but I’m happy that I’m working on them.

I love my bootcamp Fridays! It’s such a fun time to get in some strength work and try new movements. This particular Friday the coach had us do a Chipper, we could do any of the exercises in any order, just had to get all the reps done. Afterwards, she had us do an 8min ab routine that nearly broke my abs apart. It was awesome.

Decided between 12 and 14, Kathy was going 14 so many of us decided to do the same. Great group to run with, we got a little lost but it didn’t matter at all, we were having fun getting these tough up-hill miles in.

I did two little recovery runs. One with my old SRC group as part of our bRUNch, in celebration of all the “goat” (aka Capricorn) birthdays and a 1 miler from the gym after a this little workout.

Adobe Spark (9).jpg

So there’s not too much “new me”to start off the year. Just consistent me. Doing my thing, getting the work in, hoping that I can stay ontop of it for the rest of the season!