Oh hey! I’ve been training! Weeks 10-15

I always start a blog with the best of intentions. I don’t know what made me get really good about the habit of doing it almost daily in the past, but whatever that was, I don’t have that habit anymore, I’m just going to go ahead and blame it on motherhood. Got to live that mom-life and not ignore my child in order to write regularly.

Here I am not ignoring my family!

I do ignore my child in order to run, or rather, I run so early in hopes that he’s still asleep by time I get home and he gets a sweaty-stinky version of me crawling into his bed to come wake him up (actually let’s be honest, he’s usually snuggling my husband after sneaking into my bed after I leave in the morning). And that’s how I balance this whole marathon training thing with momming and being the morning parent. On weekdays I’m out of the house around 5am, usually back around 7:30ish (unless I need that extra coffee time with my runbuds). My husband puts the kiddo to bed and walks the dog most nights while I get into bed by 10ish. Weekends, dad is a long-run widower, especially when I get this deep into training, where 16- 20 mile runs leave me incapable of mothering very much and they have to fend for themselves during and after my run. Thank goodness I met my husband through running and he’s done more marathons than me, he gets it. Also, his mom and dad live less than a mile away and he has back-up support. Life is really really good for me.

Solo long run on a Hawaiian highway.

Regarding actual training from weeks 10-15 (1/15-2/25) I’ve been ON POINT. I don’t think I’ve had such a focused and consistent training cycle since college and it’s showing. I’m stronger, faster and feeling more awesome than ever. Don’t get me wrong, some of the long runs have been strugglefests where I desperately hang on to my training partners for dear life. The long stuff is hard for me, 18ers and 20ers are just not natural for this former 800m runner. But I’ve been doing well on the tempos and the track and hill workouts. This mileage is more than I thought would be possible at this stage in my fitness.

Week 10- 32 miles

Week 11-34 miles

Week 12-40 miles

Week 13-41 miles

Week 14- 47 miles

Week 15- 30 miles

Comparing this to what got me to my 3:25 marathon back in 2016, I was averaging 27 miles a week at much slower paces.

Goes to show that high mileage might not matter as much as a determined spirit. But I feel much more confident with my current mileage…

Add in a stellar race where everything went right and I had a ton of fun, and we have a very good training cycle so-far indeed. (Separate Great Aloha Run race report to come!)

Pulled from a facebook live feed from a Hawaiian news page!

Now to stay on healthy, happy and focused in these last 7 weeks. Post-Hawaii vacation has turned me a bit upside down so hopefully no more travel until the race. Late nights with zero sleep, a toddler with a 24-hour bug, a splitting headache that prevented me from running an 18er with my peeps made for a light week with NO strength training. Everyone has at least one bad week, and I’ll call this last one mine. I’m so excited to get back to my routine and put the final pieces into this training so I can show up in Boston at my strongest.