Where do we go from here? Speed.

It’s been 4 weeks since the Boston Marathon! One of the main questions you can’t help but ask while coming down from marathon training and going through the inevitable post-marathon blues is “What’s next?” Eileen and I had already started discussing this during our taper and we had decided that we’d switch things up and make the Summer of 2018 the summer of speed (and for her, also a 50 miler, because well, she’s amazing). Our plan is to train hard for the 5k and 10k distances and also hit the all-comers meets that happen up in Shoreline to test ourselves on the track. But first, came recovery. I took it pretty darn seriously as you’ll see:

I had always planned on taking three weeks. I didn’t plan on E. coli

I hadn’t read about the tainted lettuce yet and the Friday after the marathon I specifically asked for romaine at a salad shop I normally love. Symptoms started showing up right on predicted time and lasted for a week. It was pretty horrible. I survived coaching Girls on the Run and my ECCF running group, but had to rest all day in order to make it out of the house for those events. I am so lucky that my kids is easily amused at home and that my job is pretty flexible. My mileage totals plummeted in this time and I was okay with that. I was plotting my return to running on May 7th and had started digging into my Jack Daniel’s Running Formula book to get ready to start upping my mileage slightly and getting back into the gym.

So this week was the first week back and damn, recovery, whatever the cause, is a great thing. I was so nervous about how out of shape I’d be. I mean I ran a total of 14 miles in three weeks and didn’t cross train or weightlift at all!! I hit the track on Monday with a small but dedicated morning group who showed up. Right now the group is in partial recovery mode and partial get going mode. Eileen and I had 2 sets of 8×200 on the schedule. For those who know the Jack Daniels methodology, my VDOT number is 51 and Eileen’s is 53 (using our half marathon races), so this had us hitting 41s basically. I couldn’t believe how my legs flowed. I also LOVE the track and love running fast on it, so this is my wheelhouse. The last couple felt tough but doable and I was happy that we also had John with us to help push the pack along.

small but mighty group of trackletes!

I ended up doing a 8×200 with a walking recovery with my ECCF group on Tuesday and ran a bit faster on those intervals because one of my athletes is very fast and needs help pacing the first 100 before blasting into the second 100. It was fun, and I thought I’d really pay for it on my Wednesday workout, but I ended up doing okay. My legs were fatigued for sure, and the 1 min rest in between the miles was incredibly hard to deal with, but I made it through that workout faster than I thought. It shows that when I’m scared I won’t hit a pace I act on that fear with more speed.

Because it was Mother’s Day weekend, and we had plans to head to Victoria on Saturday, I ended up calling FLUR my long run for the week. Sure 6 isn’t much, but when you’re 5K training it will do. We ended up going at a pretty good clip of 7:44 pace. It wasn’t too fast, but it certaintly did not feel slow. I powered up the hill and huffed and puffed about it through out. That is where my fitness can improve.

Saturday was beautiful in Victoria, and I’m already looking up races to do there in the future. I really love Canada.

Happy Mother’s Day to me!

Today to cap off my first week back in training I hit the gym. OH EM GEE, it feels so so so good to be back. I had so many things I wanted to do! I ended up programming this for myself.

I’m excited to get back to these types of workouts and work on getting my lifts heavier again.

Overall this was a fantastic first week back. I know that this Jack Daniel’s program will give me some really tough workouts in the future, and I know that I will likely fail at a couple of them as this plan is ambitious. I also know that my goal of getting a solid 5K PR and 10K PR is right on the cusp of happening and I want to really challenge myself while also maintaining my marathon level mileage. It’s exciting to be back in the saddle and I’m keeping a close eye on any signs of burnout and injury.

I’ll attempt to blog through these next couple of months to track lifting and racing since I’ll be doing so much of it this season. It’s so nice to hit these short races, recover quickly and then move on the next! My first tune-up race is next Saturday, what’s basically a fun run called the Get Up and Go 5K , it benefits the Seattle Children’s Hospital. I’m not planning to go all out, looking to hit 21 or 22 mins. We’ll see how fast I can go without breaking myself!