Back to that Marathon Training

Oh hello Week 1. I again like the idea of documenting my training via blog, even though I also document it in a spreadsheet and on Strava. I think taking Sundays to write up a post about the week can be helpful as I look at the week ahead and work towards my goals. So here goes.

Deciding to take on a Spring Marathon

Just a quick explanation, I’ve been sidelined with tendonitis in my ankle and hip impingement in my right hip since July. Weekly PT and rest have gotten me back to about 85-90% recovered, and I’m still working to take it relatively easy when things ache. I’m coming to the conclusion that like my ITBS this tendonitis in my ankle might not ever feel 100% and I’ll be okay with that. So I’m taking a spring marathon training season and slowly growing my mileage in a way that makes sense for me and where I want to be.

The marathon I’m 80% sure I’m doing is Avenue of the Giants Marathon there’s a 20% chance that I’ll do Blooms to Brews because that is what my training partner is likely doing and it would be fun to work with her during a race again. She is also in much better shape than me and it would be super motivating to chase her when it starts getting hard in the race. We’ll see, I want to do Ave, because my long-time internet bud Karen at has convinced me that this is a must-do marathon, it also happens to be near her home.

My goal for the marathon is 3:15, which would be a 6 minute PR. I know that’s nothing to sniff at, but I also know in my heart I was in that shape last April. I’m going to better prepare myself this year by adding a bit more mileage and keeping strength training in my schedule for longer.

Week 1-Day 1 It’s good to be back

Meeting up on the track at 5:30am never felt so good as when I saw a bunch of familiar smiling faces. The plan started off with an easy 8 that we took down to the lake. Two laps around Green Lake at 8:11 pace felt solid. I was tired but happy. I went home right away to help get Grant to school and John and I decided to take Solitude into the vet to get what we assume was another urinary tract infection inspected. The only reason I mention that was because I ended up sprinting my ass off in Puma slip on shoes after a fire alarm test went off and someone else’s dog took off sprinting down Broadway. It ran into Cal Anderson Park and I continued to chase it until I lost it at Pike and 13th. I was so upset that I didn’t catch it, it was definitely getting tired and I think had I not run the 8 in the morning I would have been fresh enough to have given chase at that pace for another 5-10 mins. I really hope they found the dog. 🙁

Week 1-Day 2 Spin

While I prefer FlyWheel to kick my butt, I like CycleBar for active recovery. They have a perfect class on Tuesdays and Thursdays called Connect that’s mainly about staying on the rhythm and ignoring the numbers. They’re normally a bit expensive, but I got 5 classes for $50 deal during Black Friday so this is working out for me for now.  Spinning was just fine on Tuesday and I didn’t feel too beaten up for Wednesday.

Week 1 Day 3- WuW for the Win

This is one of my favorite/most dreaded runs of the week. It will turn into a tempo later in the season, but this week it was a 1.5 warm-up, then marathon pace for +50sec, +40sec. +30sec+ 20sec+10sec, then 1.5 cool down. I convinced myself that we had one more after the +10 so when we stopped at 7:40ish pace I was super happy. I enjoyed a coffee with friends after and didn’t rush home to help get Grant to school, but made it home in time to help anyway. Wednesdays are also my PT day, so it was good to get some body work (ACK cupping!!) and some strength work in. Drea said that I need to be doing a warm-up with bands at the beginning of every run from now on, and I’m committing to it. We timed it, only takes 3 mins.

Week 1 Day 4- REST

Literally did nothing, slept. Rest days are the best days, I slept for 9 hours.

Week 1 Day 5- Spin-Performance Class

The idea behind CycleBar’s performance class is that you are motivated by the Stats, the group challenges and rider competitions. So in a way, this would basically be any regular FlyWheel class. However, I did not dig this class. I worked hard and got good stats, better than my previous classes, but I didn’t like the format as much as I like FlyWheel. I’m going to stick to the easy stuff at CycleBar and leave it to FlyWheel to kick my butt.

Week 1- Day 6- Rise and Shine/ Rise and Grind up All the Hills

This one started off rough. I had read the plan incorrectly earlier in the week and thought I only had 8 miles to do, a relief! But then saw that if I wanted to run with my buds and do what I did last year (do all the hard Hanson Plus stuff and cut out most of the easy miles in lieu of rest and crosstraining) I’d be running 12. I was huffing and puffing from the start, the early hills didn’t make it easier. However, somehow at the end, I felt pretty darn good. A big improvement from the week before when I had to nap for a significant amount of time after that run. I napped for about 20 mins after this one and was able to do a lot more with the family.

Week 1- Day 7- Recovery and Lifting

10.5 hours of sleep. I have a four-year-old, I feel like superwoman with this type of sleep. I did have to give up a party I wanted to go to on Saturday night, so I was bummed about that, but I think the sleep made up for it. We played in the house all morning long and after a short trip to a rainy park, my husband and son dropped me off at my gym so I could get some lifting in. Here’s what I programmed for myself:

Row 1600m (I always forget to stop my watch!)
Stretch and PT warm-ups
Presses 1×10 @20 for warm-up, 2×10 @30
DL warm-up 1x 10 empty bar, 2x 10@ 93, 2×5 @113 (women’s bar!)
Stability ball leg crunches
Russian twists
2 x15 Dead bugs with ball
2x 1 min regular Plank

Super psyched that I found the women’s bar, that will make pressing much easier and I like it for deadlifts so I can hookgrip more easily (not that I realllly need to hookgrip 115lbs but it’s better to practice at lower weights for when you need it at heavier weight)

So this was week one. Overall it was pretty tough to start. But compared to last year, I’m starting off a little faster and with more mileage. I’m coming off of a significant rest period but I have been building mileage since the first week of September. I’m working on not jumping in too quickly. I was planning to do a FlyWheel spin class this morning and canceled it because that was the smart thing to do. I promise to do the paces as prescribed tomorrow (which will feel molasses slow) and on Wednesday. It’s all about patience and not going too fast too soon. Stick to the plan and the plan will work for you.

Til next Sunday. Hopefully, I’ll actually work on this during the week and have pictures in future posts!