Week 2 of Spring Marathon Training

I realized something earlier this week I should address. 21 weeks of training may seem like a lot. It is! I’m coming off of an injury and because I took some time in the summer completely off to mope and not do much beyond PT I have a steep hill to climb to get to where I want my running to be. 21 weeks, in that sense, is not too long. Every runner’s journey is different.

Monday- Track Workout a Tad too Fast

This week called for an 8×800 at marathon pace with 1.5 warm up and cool down. I had done my math the night before, and I was pretty sure that we should have been hitting 3:40ish for these, but then I ended up being convinced that was incorrect so I went with the flow. While we went too fast for a 3:15 marathon goal pace, both Eileen and I felt like we were holding back. We were talking through the majority of it, me a little bit more uncomfortable than Eileen, but we were still able to talk.

I do still love track work


Tuesday: Spin

This was Alison Mitchell’s last class! She was my first spin instructor at FlyWheel and she welcomed me into her 5am class with such an open heart. She’s one of the reasons why I love FlyWheel so much so it’s pretty sad to see her go, but I 100% get it. When I used to coach CrossFit at 6am it was tough to bring that energy to the floor in the morning and that was before I had a kid, and I live steps from my old gym, I couldn’t imagine both having to drive and having to teach that early.

Anyway, I had originally told myself I’d go a bit easier than normal, but Alison’s energy just got me moving and it didn’t feel too hard! I think this running and spinning combo is really paying off on both sides. I got a pretty high power score and had a wonderful workout.

Wednesday: 8 miler at WuW

This was intended to be a no faster that +45 of marathon pace, so that would have taken me to 8:11. There were a fair amount of hills in this course and I struggled through parts of it. I also ended up flaring my ankle during the run and my hip after it. I’m pretty sure it was my shoes (On Cloud X) that are the culprit for this one since it’s the longest I’ve run in them for a while. So they’re retired until I feel 100%. We’ll see if my new Nike’s are any better or if I need to get a secondary pair of Adidas Bostons.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Rest

I had wanted to go to FLUR or get a spin class in but after I had issues with CycleBar’s signup process which didn’t allow me to register and I woke up really tired I decided to sleep in and call it an okay to miss day since my hip still wasn’t feeling great. I had a good PT session and will continue to go to PT basically until I burn through all of our money.

Saturday: Rise and Shine Miracle Snowball run (11.2 miles)

My intention here really worked out. I knew I wanted to do 10-12 and I was happy to start out quickly and ease my way back to the lake after half way. I did exactly that and had a wonderful run with a variety of people. It was one of those perfect early training runs where my speed felt good, and coming off the speed felt great. I need reminders that 9 min pace is not bad and is sometimes required. 8 min pace can feel comfortable sure, but 9 is even more so.

It was such a pretty morning.

Sunday: Rest

I had wanted to get to the gym to lift but just didn’t make it a priority. I know I need to get better about making lifting more important in my schedule. Maybe that will be my resolution or my 30-day goal. Lift at least twice a week! Just give me these last few days of December to slack off 😉