Week 3- Holiday Week (Dec 24-30)

I think it’s important to keep running in perspective, especially when you have a little kid. I see plenty of people continuing to hit the holiday miles hard, and I’m totally psyched for them to do that, I just know that for me, my running can become a hindrance on my family time and time away from my four-year-old during Christmas and his week off from school just isn’t worth it. So a little extra rest, in order to wake up with my kid on Christmas day and to spend the whole morning together, was what I decided this week.

I also worked to get all my CycleBar classes that I paid for into the schedule which required getting creative. I refuse to lose money! Especially when the classes ended up only be $10 a class if I attended all of them. So this week was light on miles but big on what matters.

Monday- Getting on Track

I can always rely on this run to be a kick off to a great week. The schedule had us in for an easy 8 and it was so enjoyable. I got to chat along the way and run with folks I don’t normally run with, perfect way to start the holiday week. Averaged 9:13/mile.

Christmas Day

Normally I spin on Tuesdays, but there wasn’t anything open and I wanted to spend time with my 4 year old and have a relaxed day. I took a rest day and called it good.

Wake-Up Wednesday

When you read the workout incorrectly and go into it thinking it will be easier than it is. For some reason, I thought this was supposed to be a 4 mile tempo, but it was 6. When I mentioned it out loud everyone was like, uhhh, it’s 6. So I’m proud of myself for reshaping it quickly and saying okay! 4 + 2! Let’s do this. It was actually a very fun workout and great to do with Kathy, Bruce, and Beth. Beth pushed a bit but not too much and while we definitely went faster on some of the miles than we were supposed to, I felt in control. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get a real long run in this week so I went for a couple extra cool down miles with Beth to get to 12.

Thursday Double Day

Started off the morning with an ok CycleBar class. The instructor was a sub and I don’t think he’s used to early mornings. His playlist was okay, his energy was meh. I’m happy that this is my second to last CycleBar class, I miss FlyWheel. This workout wasn’t too tough. So deciding to do a double wasn’t a bad decision.

We put Grant into daycare for Thursdays while he’s on school break so I had a little extra time on my hands in the afternoon. After walking Sol and seeing how sunny it was I decided I’d get my 35 min run in during the day versus having to get up early before PT and squeezing it in then. It was a great decision, I averaged 7:47s but they felt very easy. Maybe it’s because I was listening to a podcast while running. I was happy to get this in.


Just a PT day. Totally fine to do that work and get adjusted.


I had originally thought I’d get a couple miles in on the treadmill before going to my last CycleBar class, but then I wanted to sleep and call it good. I had also thought I’d get a chance to skate ski in the afternoon, but the rain in Snoqualmie was more than I was willing to deal with. CycleBar was better than usual, Erwin is my favorite instructor there. He seems to really have a plan on what he wants everyone to do and syncs up well with the music, his inspirational part is a little over the top, but it’s all well-intentioned.

Sunday- Alpine Ski Day

We got ski passes for the day and I got in a total of 6 runs on Summit West. After not skiing much last year, I felt a little rusty, but I think all the spinning has helped my quads get stronger so this wasn’t as hard as it has been in the past. It was also great to do it with friends. Thrilled that we made this last minute decision to go up to the mountain. I hope to get more skiing in this season!