Weeks 4 – Holiday Week 2, Electric Boogaloo

January is such an exciting time to be running. Most people are starting their spring training, a lot of new runners are trying this thing out, and there are so many fun challenges that companies like Lululemon and Nike put on. I think this time last year I wasn’t feeling as confident and fast. Now I’m talking almost the whole time on long runs and enjoying the early mornings. It goes to show that every training cycle gives you something, no matter the result of the race at the end of each cycle. I modified from the plan for this week and didn’t feel guilty about it, it happens sometimes and I don’t feel a need to “make-up” the mileage lost.

Monday- Travel Day- Dec 31

I had considered XC skiing this day while Grant was at his ski lesson but I didn’t end up feeling like rushing to get it done and being sweaty all the way home. Instead, I had a pancake breakfast. When we got home I convinced the whole family to go for a 2 mile run, John and I took turns pushing the stroller.short run on Capitol Hill.jpg

Tuesday- Unexpected Miles- Jan 1

We didn’t know that Grant would be invited to sleep over his grandparent’s house on New Year’s Eve but when the offer was made we took it up and got a second run in together. SGLRG was having a first run of the year around Green Lake, I did a lap with John and Sarah and then a lap on my own giving me 5.8 for the run. I took it pretty easy knowing that a hard tempo would be coming the next day.

Wednesday- WuW for the Win- Jan 2

The workout was 2 mile warmup, 3×2 miles at marathon pace then 2 mile cool down. The warm-ups on Wednesdays can be deceiving, my legs felt really heavy in the first mile and my breathing was off, but I decided to buck up and go for it in the 3×2 portion and it went really well. The second interval felt like it was straight uphill. We just pushed and made it through. This one felt really solid, I wasn’t tired from Monday like the rest of my gang who had done a hill workout so I was fresh and feeling it. Had a lot of fun on this run.

Thursday- Gotta Love Those Rest Days- Jan 3

What’s training without rest? Dumb. That’s what. Keeping up my full recovery days where I do next to nothing.

Friday- Spin Class- Jan 4

Flywheel score Jan 4

I realized that I can show up for spin at 5 and join the FLUR group at 6 if I really want to in the future. I may be ready for that when I really need to get my mileage up towards the peak of my training. Right now I’m working on a balance of how hard I should go in these classes, it’s hard not to get too carried away. If I stay on the conservative side of his cues I’m in good shape.

Saturday-Oh Hill Yeah- Jan 5

This was a good test of fitness. Hills were pretty brutal for me on this one, but I stayed strong and the good news is I was recovering off of them pretty quickly. We averaged 8:02 pace over the course of the 14 miles. Last year at this time I ran a 14 miler at 8:20 pace with a little less elevation, so I think this is a good sign. I didn’t feel totally dead at the end. I drank Tailwind recovery directly after the run, and maybe it’s helping?

Sunday- Short Runs

A Lululemon Event to kick off their annual 40/80 Strava Challenge had me, John and Grant over to U-Village for a 3 miler. It was slow and easy going. I added on another half mile after going to a Jui-Jitsu demonstration and running home. Very casual Sunday.