Week 5- What felt like the first serious week

Getting up to 40 miles in week 5 made it feel more serious than last year at this time when I was training for Boston. I didn’t get into the 40s until week 12! I’m feeling strong and while I’m still working on adding in more strength training, my body is in good shape due to seeing my PT every week. I’m not going to pretend that this training cycle is a cheap one. To stay healthy I have a weekly appointment where I work on strength and get adjusted. It’s great but it’s very pricey.

Monday- Getting on Track

Hill workout! 2-mile warm-up, 8x 3 mins of hard hill runs, 2 mile cool down. I was crushing this workout until I wasn’t. On the 6th interval, my hamstring gave me some negative feedback. I slowed down my 7th interval, but it was still angry so I took my 8th to the track and called it good. I’m being careful about cramping and taking Magnesium every day now. I’m hopeful that will help come marathon day. My left hamstring is the one that cramps, but my right one is the one that feels worse in PT.

Tuesday- Rest Day

I’m on the group plan for Tuesday rest days right now. Normally I like to keep the momentum of the week going and I was getting spin classes in on Tuesday, but since I like the spin class on Friday so much I think I’ll stick to that and take Tuesdays off like everyone else.

Wednesday- Solo Tempo

OH boy. This tempo had me worried. I had a full day of work I had to get through before I could run, and I had to do our first 6 mile tempo by myself. I decided to do it right after being in the studio, while Vince had Grant (so thankful that he picked him up from school and hung out with him so I could get this work in) I did a warm-up from the studio down to the Freemont Bridge and then I got to work around the lake. Music was blaring and while I knew I was breathing heavy, I wasn’t feeling too bad. I thought to myself, this pace has me flying close to the sun, but it’s worth it right now to experiment. I ended up averaging 7:03 min/mile on this. Pretty happy with that, it should pay off in a half marathon.

Thursday- Easy Run

So excited to be working out my easy run schedule with Eileen! After a bit of confusion, we found each other and got some very nice easy miles in around the lake. I could not be more grateful for my amazing training partner. I just hope I can keep slaying times right beside her as she continues to improve.

Friday- Spin class

My favorite form of cross training right now! I love this 5am class. I also went to PT on Friday, it’s always good to get some work done before a long run.

Saturday- Rise and Shine

All the lake laps. I needed to do early miles because I needed to get back home to get ready for a school tour. Luckily Eileen and Beth were willing to join me for those early miles and we did two lake laps and one extra mile to make it 7 before 7. Once we reached the regular group we had another lake lap to do with them since that’s how that route started this week. Oh well, it was flat and relatively easy, I can’t complain too much about that.  What I could complain about was that the top of foot hurt a bit after the long run. I thought I had just tied my laces too tight and let it go as a fluke.

Sunday- Gym Time

I’ve been trying to get on board with more strength workouts! Sundays are the days I can usually fit them in so I rowed a bit and then lifted weights.


Overall this week of big mileage felt pretty great. Week 6 is planned to be a down week, which I think will be well appreciated.