Week 6- Almost an Injury

This will be a quick one because I’m almost two weeks behind in these recaps and I want to stay as current as possible.

Monday- What Happened to my Foot?

This was what I was supposed to do: 2 mile WU- 6 x 800 m intervals at MP minus 20 seconds with a 400 m jog in between- 2 mile cool down (technically 3:16/800)

Instead I ran .4 and turned around from terrible pain at the top of my foot where my laces in my Nike’s cross. No Bueno, called the PT immediately to figure this out.


Tuesday- Rest Day and PT appointment

Emergency PT appointment, after looking up everything it could be, I went in and saw Kaylie. She told me, it’s the darn shoes! She thinks they may be too big. hmm, hard to say! I had sized up because my toes were too close, but now I’m worried. I’m going to try to work around it and see what happens. I put the Nike’s on hold and re-laced my Adidas so they wouldn’t irritate the sensitive spot and made plans to make it to the tempo on Wednesday.

Wednesday- Tempo Time

Nervous about my foot and nervous about this tempo. A 2 mile warm up, 6 miles at marathon goal pace, and a 2 mile cool down. Of course marathon goal pace is inching up as we continue to run hard each week. Luckily, my foot felt way better! Definitely was the laces that were the problem on Monday. Phew!! Now I’m sad I missed out on the mileage for something so insignificant but I think it’s okay, this week is supposed to be a down week in training anyway. It was great to push the effort on this run, I was definitely breathing heavy, and my legs wanted to give up during any incline that hit us, but I made up the gaps on the downhills and flats. Felt pretty good about this run.

Thursday- Easy 9…

Didn’t mean to do this many miles but we did keep it at 8:30 pace. I wanted to try something different and go off the lake, but that meant adding more miles than necessary. Whoops. Felt nice to go easy and shake out the tempo.

Friday- Spin!

Going medium hard and working on that cross training to be well rounded. Great class, like usual.

Saturday- Easy Long Run

The magic of down weeks is that the long runs are so easy. We had a lovely 12 miler, chatting and making the time go so quickly. I think we were a pack of about 6 or 8, and it was really delightful to catch up and talk without getting out of breath (except up hills of course), and well, this route was very hilly, but that’s okay, hills make us stronger.



Naughty for skipping a strength workout 🙁 Just hard to fit in when family calls.

I’m so happy that the shoe thing ended up being a fluke, and I’m happy that I ended up taking this Sunday off to just let my ankle calm down a bit after that shoe had made it so angry. I worked on finding a way to retie the shoe so that I can still use them and will tie my VaporFly 4%s in the same way when it comes to the marathon. Super interested in seeing how much better they are to run in than the Fly Flyknits. Shoes are so weird to have such an effect!IMG_0358.jpg